OK I'm a lover of the yacht vibe, big time... Jimmy Buffet, life on the open seas, sun always shining, blazing weed and putting lemon in your hair to bleach it, cut-off denim rules the roost. The music is carefree and easy, just like us.

I'm interested, however, in pushing things a little further out there, seeing what lies beneath all those good times

Cos the yacht rock vibe is very daytime... the sun is shining and the thing is that's all good but remember in real life these yacht folk are FUCKING LOADED and they are also masters of the universe... mega finance sorts, media barons, aristocrats - powerful people, with some fuckin dark neuroses going on up in those minds, not too difficult to push them into some weird places with just a bit of good gear and the right tunes.

Of course this guy is ready to hit the weird places 24/7 any style you want it and he NEVER has to ask the price
So you know a day out on the ocean all loggins and messina'ing it up is pretty good vibes but even though you and your fellow party folk have put a sizeable dent into that enormous bowl of really expensive chisel there is still a LOT left and you're at sea and nobody's going anywhere and the sun has set and there's already a hint of wife swapping about to kick off and EVERYBODY is talking absolute bollocks - now THIS is an angle I'm interested in. Let's soundtrack the fuck out of what happens next; cut us out some hollywood lines and lets put a bit of an edge on all this oceanic business... what happens at sea stays at sea... let's just hope nobody's got one of those fuckin speargun things...

It's about to get weird in paradise.


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