OK been a while since I posted here but as you may know Soundcloud is being a PAIN IN THE FUCKIN ASS about mixes.

I don't wanna lose my account so I took all the ruf tapes down from Soundcloud. They're on mixcloud now, I will update the posts in here eventually and sort some download links but for now please go to


And u can get all ur tape needs there xxxx



OK since I started doing Ruf Tapes a regular question has been "Are you gonna sell some tapes?"

It's a good question! I wanted to get a good number of mixes on the blog before doing anything like that but now over a year has passed since I started and so I figure it's time to SELL OUT!

I'm lucky that Tapeline is very close to my house so straight from deepest Bredbury comes this C60 full of rare, expensive and unreleased weaponry from the past, present and future... suitable for late drives and night dives, this tape will change your life. Also comes with download code for people who live in the 21st century.


Coming soon....

What's this then???


Happy 2014 tapeheads!!! I'm B A C K with more tapes... 1st for the new year is a co-promo for a new dance in Manchester next weekend... I haven't played too many late-night dancefloors in my home town for a while, so I'm buzzing that I have a bi-monthly Saturday residency in the Soup Kitchen basement. Each dance is gonna be me plus one special guest playing all night long together... red lights only, DJR mixer, heads down, dress to sweat - DANCERS WANTED...

For our first guest my pal Marcel Vogel is coming across from Amsterdam with a massive bag of very dangerous records. He runs the ultra powerful Lumberjacks In Hell label, has an incredible collection of tunes, knows exactly how to use them for TOTAL IMPACT and is a very happy gentleman indeed.

Disco Lumberjack Is Coming To CHOP CHOP
So this week's tape is straight up pushing the dance... I put a bunch of tunes from Marcel's label on the mix, everything smashed together in a club vibe style... if you are in Manc or even just close on Feb 22 then you really should consider coming to Soup Kitchen... no messin, red lights all night, smoke machine, heavy tunes and lots of smiles... DANCERS WANTED


Manchester has the pleasure of the company of the inestimable Benny Badge for the next couple of months. This gent is part of the ongoing Australia - Manchester asset swap - we seem to be sending maniacs back and forth and Benny is the latest delivery. Sharp move arriving here just in time for winter while all your mates are at the beach. He's shivering a bit!!!

Benny Badge just ordered 2 Chip Barms. For Himself.
Good job we got lots of HEAT of other kinds here in Mancunia and so it was that yesterday my good pal Randy Marsh and I warmed young Benny up with zoots, ginger beer, chip barms and most importantly a trip around a few of the city's fine record shops for some finger dirtying... all three of us found some nice bits and so we went back to the Gravy Pit, stuck a tape in and took it in turns to throw on our new gear...

RM plotting a course for the Pyramid Suite
here you have it... three diggers back from a day's work down the mines sharing their bounty... as the man Marsh likes to say all hitters no shitters...


There were a few worlds I would escape to in my adolescence and William Gibson's future was one of them. I re-read Neuromancer recently and I still love it so much... quite a darkly humorous book in many ways but what strikes the most is how spot on so much of his predictions were... still waiting for some decent wetware though...

Every once in a while I get some music and it takes me back to Gibson's world again, be it a dingy bar in Chiba City, or the sensi-fuelled cabin of Maelcum's spaceship, or even the glistening neon abstraction of cyberspace itself.... this mix is a collection of some of those tracks, and of course it begins with the sound of a TV tuned to a dead channel...


Hey I'm BACK! Been a little bit of a break but I bought a new pack of tapes - we're on Maxell UR something or the other now, feeling the Mad Mike power on each and every tape and so in that spirit I thought first tape could be on a bit of a Detroit electro vibe...

Some will say the sound never dies but there does seem to be a bit more electro knocking around at the moment... This tape is a collection of some of the stuff that references / elaborates on this vibe... Get out the old 3-in-1, lubricate all your hinges and get ready for a funky shift on the assembly line...