Happy 2014 tapeheads!!! I'm B A C K with more tapes... 1st for the new year is a co-promo for a new dance in Manchester next weekend... I haven't played too many late-night dancefloors in my home town for a while, so I'm buzzing that I have a bi-monthly Saturday residency in the Soup Kitchen basement. Each dance is gonna be me plus one special guest playing all night long together... red lights only, DJR mixer, heads down, dress to sweat - DANCERS WANTED...

For our first guest my pal Marcel Vogel is coming across from Amsterdam with a massive bag of very dangerous records. He runs the ultra powerful Lumberjacks In Hell label, has an incredible collection of tunes, knows exactly how to use them for TOTAL IMPACT and is a very happy gentleman indeed.

Disco Lumberjack Is Coming To CHOP CHOP
So this week's tape is straight up pushing the dance... I put a bunch of tunes from Marcel's label on the mix, everything smashed together in a club vibe style... if you are in Manc or even just close on Feb 22 then you really should consider coming to Soup Kitchen... no messin, red lights all night, smoke machine, heavy tunes and lots of smiles... DANCERS WANTED


Manchester has the pleasure of the company of the inestimable Benny Badge for the next couple of months. This gent is part of the ongoing Australia - Manchester asset swap - we seem to be sending maniacs back and forth and Benny is the latest delivery. Sharp move arriving here just in time for winter while all your mates are at the beach. He's shivering a bit!!!

Benny Badge just ordered 2 Chip Barms. For Himself.
Good job we got lots of HEAT of other kinds here in Mancunia and so it was that yesterday my good pal Randy Marsh and I warmed young Benny up with zoots, ginger beer, chip barms and most importantly a trip around a few of the city's fine record shops for some finger dirtying... all three of us found some nice bits and so we went back to the Gravy Pit, stuck a tape in and took it in turns to throw on our new gear...

RM plotting a course for the Pyramid Suite
here you have it... three diggers back from a day's work down the mines sharing their bounty... as the man Marsh likes to say all hitters no shitters...


There were a few worlds I would escape to in my adolescence and William Gibson's future was one of them. I re-read Neuromancer recently and I still love it so much... quite a darkly humorous book in many ways but what strikes the most is how spot on so much of his predictions were... still waiting for some decent wetware though...

Every once in a while I get some music and it takes me back to Gibson's world again, be it a dingy bar in Chiba City, or the sensi-fuelled cabin of Maelcum's spaceship, or even the glistening neon abstraction of cyberspace itself.... this mix is a collection of some of those tracks, and of course it begins with the sound of a TV tuned to a dead channel...


Hey I'm BACK! Been a little bit of a break but I bought a new pack of tapes - we're on Maxell UR something or the other now, feeling the Mad Mike power on each and every tape and so in that spirit I thought first tape could be on a bit of a Detroit electro vibe...

Some will say the sound never dies but there does seem to be a bit more electro knocking around at the moment... This tape is a collection of some of the stuff that references / elaborates on this vibe... Get out the old 3-in-1, lubricate all your hinges and get ready for a funky shift on the assembly line...


I fully adore African music. I always try and get a bit in to my DJ sets in one way or another, and certainly pretty much everything I play out is fairly directly informed by the immense variety of tones and rhythms coming from that continent.

I also have a small collection of music actually directly from Africa as well - it turns up in the 2nd hand shops from time to time, sometimes with exorbitant prices (hi there superfly) and other times you find some bargains. Like the time Reckless Records got a bunch of dusty Kenyan 7 inches in and were knocking them out for a couple of quid each. I bought a bunch (no listening) and boy there's some glorious music on these dirty old records - incredible long jammed grooves that go on forever, holding so much energy and powerful vibes!

Of course, a 10 minute jam and a 7 inch aren't natural pals so often the track is split across both sides, and so I do apologise in advance for the patent-pending "ruffy working the dub siren and echo box while he flips the record" intervals... oh and there's a couple of skips - this treasure is VERY dusty...

And of course, for those who don't know about it yet, the title of this week's tape is a coarse nod toward what is arguably the finest cassette-based blog out there, Awesome Tapes From Africa - get on it now!!!


Don't let anyone tell you there's no money in selling records. 
OK I'm a lover of the yacht vibe, big time... Jimmy Buffet, life on the open seas, sun always shining, blazing weed and putting lemon in your hair to bleach it, cut-off denim rules the roost. The music is carefree and easy, just like us.

I'm interested, however, in pushing things a little further out there, seeing what lies beneath all those good times

Cos the yacht rock vibe is very daytime... the sun is shining and the thing is that's all good but remember in real life these yacht folk are FUCKING LOADED and they are also masters of the universe... mega finance sorts, media barons, aristocrats - powerful people, with some fuckin dark neuroses going on up in those minds, not too difficult to push them into some weird places with just a bit of good gear and the right tunes.

Of course this guy is ready to hit the weird places 24/7 any style you want it and he NEVER has to ask the price
So you know a day out on the ocean all loggins and messina'ing it up is pretty good vibes but even though you and your fellow party folk have put a sizeable dent into that enormous bowl of really expensive chisel there is still a LOT left and you're at sea and nobody's going anywhere and the sun has set and there's already a hint of wife swapping about to kick off and EVERYBODY is talking absolute bollocks - now THIS is an angle I'm interested in. Let's soundtrack the fuck out of what happens next; cut us out some hollywood lines and lets put a bit of an edge on all this oceanic business... what happens at sea stays at sea... let's just hope nobody's got one of those fuckin speargun things...

It's about to get weird in paradise.


AH London.... as a Mancunian I'm somewhat compelled to hold a slightly hostile position toward the capital - the standard Manc attitude is basically "fuck you london we kick it up here, you lot think its all whippets and flat caps and the hacienda and fucking stone fucking roses when in fact we got it a ton more vibrant and bizarre than anything you got to offer AND we don't have any sceney cunts diluting the vibe because your navel gazing media never thinks about writing anything remotely provincial etc etc etc etc..."

The latest Trilogy Tapes 12" arrives at Piccadilly Records, yesterday

And I do sort of agree with that but I can't hate on London for too long or too much because it is FUCKING WICKED!!! It really is. All this Manc cultural cringe is a bit silly really - you can't really compare Manchester and London, they're two very different beasts... London is a megalopolis!!! It's a full blown world city and there are probably only 7 or 8 spots in the world like it, it's a nation state all of its own and it has a fantastic vibe and energy about it. Spend a little time in London and you start to understand the "navel gazing" - it's hard to look beyond the city because it is so engaging... I have a bunch of pals in London and I know I pretty much always have to visit them, to get them to come to Manc takes a LOT of effort because London is such a beast it holds you in with some weird magnet power (this same magnet power also manages to make money piss out of you at all times...)

Every visit to London is like this

My London pals often ask if I'll live there and the answer is pretty much no... I love the place and I love the energy but I also like living 2 hours away from it... Manchester does kick it, and for all the frustration that comes from not seeing appropriate recognition for things outside the smoke, the lack of that kind of attention also means that things can just HAPPEN and not really have to interact with the same boring homogenous cultural forces that declare hotness and notness...

If you don't know where this is I'm not telling you

Anyway, one thing that's undeniable is that London has a fucking TON of great record shops... and is one of the best places in the UK to go digging. My girlfriend is living down there at the moment so I'm down there a lot and every time I always come back with at least 1 record and usually a lot more. The last trip saw me spend a marathon session in a bargain basement and I got some absolute weapons... this mix is all bounty from my last London dig... 50p classics all the way (except for Billy Who which I got for a quid GET INNNNNN)

SPECIAL NOTE: Finally Soundcloud blocked one of my mixes!!! Yep they didn't like that first track so I'm hosting this one on shitty mixcloud which means no downloads... don't worry though, I've hosted the MP3 over at Ruf Kutz so head there if you wanna download!!!