I fully adore African music. I always try and get a bit in to my DJ sets in one way or another, and certainly pretty much everything I play out is fairly directly informed by the immense variety of tones and rhythms coming from that continent.

I also have a small collection of music actually directly from Africa as well - it turns up in the 2nd hand shops from time to time, sometimes with exorbitant prices (hi there superfly) and other times you find some bargains. Like the time Reckless Records got a bunch of dusty Kenyan 7 inches in and were knocking them out for a couple of quid each. I bought a bunch (no listening) and boy there's some glorious music on these dirty old records - incredible long jammed grooves that go on forever, holding so much energy and powerful vibes!

Of course, a 10 minute jam and a 7 inch aren't natural pals so often the track is split across both sides, and so I do apologise in advance for the patent-pending "ruffy working the dub siren and echo box while he flips the record" intervals... oh and there's a couple of skips - this treasure is VERY dusty...

And of course, for those who don't know about it yet, the title of this week's tape is a coarse nod toward what is arguably the finest cassette-based blog out there, Awesome Tapes From Africa - get on it now!!!


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