or as they say in eivissenc, ¡bon dia!

Yep, I'm spawny enough to be coming to you this time live and direct from Ibiza. This place is VERY special to me and mine; my folks came here on honeymoon in 1970 and loved it - over the years I must have been out a hundred times BUT it might surprise you to hear that in all that time I have hardly been to any of the clubs on the island... been to Privilege once, Space once and that's it. I couldn't even tell you where Pacha is.

But don't get me wrong. Just like so many other people I had an enormous DJ epiphany out on this island. Holidays where I was out dancing till late every night, pestering the DJ for track IDs, all that tackle.

Lets go back to 1984 and the Windmill in Cala Llonga

its still here, it hasnt changed, they dont need to run a bus here these days or any of that shit
I'm guessing 1984 because my mind got blown by a 12" of the Ghostbusters theme by Ray Parker Jr. What destroyed me was that the other side of the record DIDNT HAVE ANY VOCALS... my first experience with a dub version.

(For those who are wondering, I was 9 years old)

The DJ was some text book mobile disc jockey with the lights and the microphone and the 2 turntable console but I had NEVER seen anything like this. Slip cueuing, prefade listening, mother fucking CROSS FADING!!!

Mum & Dad loved it I think because this DJ basically became a de facto holiday baby sitter for me and my bro (and all the other kids) - if you look at the picture up there the DJ was set up on the patio downstairs with the kiddies and up on the roof where the brolly is, that's where all the parents sat getting shitfaced and eating chips. We were at the Windmill every night... big tunes were Brown Girl In The Ring, D.I.S.C.O., Telstar, Ghostbusters...

the next year a new guy was on the scene as well, playing jams down at the crazy golf course, his name was George and his DJ Console had a telephone handset instead of headphones... The OG guy was back as well, I preferred his selections... I wish I could remember his name... 1985 was the year of Tarzan Boy, we had a dance and everything...

By the time Oakenfold and all that lot tipped up to the island and "discovered" Ibiza I was more interested in computer games and laser quest and all that business. But deep down I had been infected. It just took a little while to fester and re-surface and so - FINALLY - we arrive at today's tape!

Despite everything I just wrote this is not a tribute tape to those sounds of my early childhood but rather a more contemporary, straight up chill tape featuring some fairly ibicenco sounds for a lazy sunny afternoon (I'm deliberately not using the "B" word lest I get into trouble with the authorities for playing kool & the gang)... I hope you don't mind my reminiscing, but this place puts me in a sentimental mood - that's part of the magic of the island!


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