A couple of weeks ago I made a return visit to play at a fantastic party... Rhythm Section in Peckham is one of those rare beasts - a party in London where people go to DANCE! 

The people are fuckin wicked - they are an open and knowledgeable and really friendly crowd - lots of smiles and conversations, people of all shapes and sizes and ages and backgrounds AND they know all the words to all the songs... a mob like this is a real honour to play for.

AND it's in a Pool Club! The very best parties NEVER take place in nightclubs and Rhythm Section is further proof... proper timewarp vibes on entry, outstandingly friendly staff and also a whole bunch of pool tables out the back to add extra vibes - this is a special, special place.

Pulling the strings is Bradley, known to many as one of the Boiler Room hosts but that's just his day job. All that hanging out with Skream in hotel rooms on youtube is how he puts bread on the table. For kicks he drags his sound system down the road twice a month to a dingy pool club and pumps the most delightful music through it for the rest of the night. He's been doing it since 2009 and I get the sense he's going to be doing it for the rest of his life.

This mix is a tribute to that outstanding party and all its lovely dancers. I wanted to try and capture a sense of the night - perhaps the smartest thing that Rhythm Section does is toss the idea of set times out the window - - all the DJs on the night just gang up and go for it all night long, which means you really get to partake in the whole musical flow rather than just going on full destroy mode for 90 mins or something. I made a point of using the same bag of records I took to the night to make this mix; hopefully it might stir a few fond memories in the minds of those who were there...


This edition of Ruf Tapes is also being Simulcast by the Rhythm Section crew over at their Mixcloud alongside tons of other fantastic mixes and podcasts... CHECK IT OUT NOWWWWW


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