Denon DRM-540... capturing the HEATTTTT

A series of mixtapes... got a load of cheap TDK FE-90s and gonna fill them up with mixes, each one themed. All analog - vinyl / mixer / fx / tape. Only going digital to get it out to you. Crunchy and raw this is not your usual mix series. All complaints cheerfully ignored.


1. ALL ANALOG! Vinyl / Mixer / FX / Tapes!!!! NOTHING DIGITAL!!!

2. TWO ATTEMPTS ONLY - thats right, only getting 2 shots at the mix and if I wanna use my rewind I gotta go all the way back to the start and whatever happens gets blogged.... this could get VERY MESSY


  1. si-fi spindle why you no wav this caper? surely mp3 is gruntin' the crunch. believe, i do not diss your hiss- just curious...

    double up with a wav upload to mediafire or wherever if soundcloud is tech limited. oui? nicht? talvez?

  2. hmmm hadnt really thought about a wav option... I actually deleted the high quality versions once I'd converted them to mp3... I dont know if soundcloud lets you offer multiple versions... mediafire might be a goer...

  3. for all the love and care you are putting into this cassette project it just seems a bit of a shame that the compression of the end format perverts your modus operandi. saying that i am listening to tape1b and it has a wonderful fuzzin' to it (no doubt 1a is the same).

    you've travelled a long long way from your bare naked ladies daze- all on your own steam and your dedication now has you living the dream... and i find inspiration fom that, thank you. xxx