Happy 2014 tapeheads!!! I'm B A C K with more tapes... 1st for the new year is a co-promo for a new dance in Manchester next weekend... I haven't played too many late-night dancefloors in my home town for a while, so I'm buzzing that I have a bi-monthly Saturday residency in the Soup Kitchen basement. Each dance is gonna be me plus one special guest playing all night long together... red lights only, DJR mixer, heads down, dress to sweat - DANCERS WANTED...

For our first guest my pal Marcel Vogel is coming across from Amsterdam with a massive bag of very dangerous records. He runs the ultra powerful Lumberjacks In Hell label, has an incredible collection of tunes, knows exactly how to use them for TOTAL IMPACT and is a very happy gentleman indeed.

Disco Lumberjack Is Coming To CHOP CHOP
So this week's tape is straight up pushing the dance... I put a bunch of tunes from Marcel's label on the mix, everything smashed together in a club vibe style... if you are in Manc or even just close on Feb 22 then you really should consider coming to Soup Kitchen... no messin, red lights all night, smoke machine, heavy tunes and lots of smiles... DANCERS WANTED


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