this absolutely needs to be made as a sticker

Full Beam is like a big trans dimensional boogie UFO piloted by my pal RANDY MARSH together with his boys SON OF A PIZZA MAN (top peaker 2009-present) and VINCENT TEXTURE (also available for voice-over work)... Every once in a while, in some random place, these maniacs decide to land the mothership for a while and launch a whole bunch of BOOGIE GRENADES at unsuspecting earthlings. Full Beam is pretty much what I imagine Funkmosphere to be like... just cool cats playing only the deepest laser burnt boogieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

mothership used its laser beam to draw that in the sand

As well as a night, Full Beam is also a mix series.. until recently all mixes have been bashed out by RM or one of his crew but lately he's been inviting others to contribute... Volume 8 was mixed by none other than Woody from the rowdy Red Laser Records crew and so now for Volume 9 we're doing a Ruf Tapes / Full Beam Crunchy Crossover! Beamed direct from the Dane Bank Observatory via Neptune and Longsight!!!

Thats it, bunch of nice gear here, if you're in Manc some time keep an eye open for the Full Beam mothership, it might just materialise with a syntom explosion some place near you if you're lucky!! (Latest transmission suggests close encounter of the BOOGIE kind some time in August)


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