Tape 4-A: £1.40

NEVER let it be said that record collecting is an expensive hobby. Well OK that's a big lie isn't it, anyone who's ever dabbled with the black crack will know what I mean.


There are lots of sides to this lifestyle and one of them involves 10p records. There's something special about a 10p record. I don't know how well I can explain it beyond that...

It's like finding a video game machine that still only costs 10p or something... the price is negligible and so you can just pig out - all you can eat vinyl... I remember when Theo Parrish came to Sydney and they took him record shopping and in one place he dropped like 1000 dollars without missing a beat... anything he saw he just picked up. Imagine being able to behave like that!!! WELL WITH 10p RECORDS YOU GET TO BE LIKE THEO TOO!!!!

Invariably 10p records are 7 inches, and that immediately puts a LOAD of people right off which we don't give a FUCK about right??? Just means more juice for us... those who were in Q cavern last year saw Tom Noble rock a party for fucking HOURS just playing 7 inches (admittedly some of them were worth a shitload more than 10p but thats not what I'm getting at here)...

So thats the idea for this tape. It's called £1.40 cos thats how much the records in this mix cost me altogether. How many mp3s does that buy you these days???


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