Serious now. There is 1 party that stands out from ALL of them. It's in Sydney and it's called Paradise Lost and I love the guys who put it on and I love their party. It was only when Paradise Lost came into my life that I really REALLY got disco music.

driving the space ship with no hands AND eyes closed. Thats how next these guys are.
There are many places where it is fun to play, but Paradise Lost is where I go to DANCE. This mix is a tribute to the PL heatttt... shouts forever to all PL crew members and dancers... U got it... I love and miss you all so much xxxx

Pictures from the always amazing Angelina... also note that this mix is fuckin a bit ULTRA RAW in one part where the dub siren batteries start fucking up and a big hum appears... I was already on my 2nd life (see the about notes) so we just had to fuckin roll with it. Fortunately I was packing spares


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